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Under the Tree – philosophers

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Fox 13′s Cool School of the Week!!

Fox 13 Links:
Mrs Koplin’s Class: Mrs Koplin’s Class
PreSchool Outdoor Playground: Preschool
Shabbat: Shabbat
Matthew, Mackenzie, & Phina: Interview

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7th Grade Leadership

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Pi Day 2013 Slideshow

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Learning Expedition to the South Florida Museum

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Scientific Inquiry & The Pursuit of the Perfect Watermelon

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100th Day of School: Celebrating with K/1

During the  Celebration of the 100th Day of School the PreAlgebra, Algebra, and Geometry students assisted K/1  in their 100th day centers by helping string 100 cheerio necklaces, playing the race to 100 game, building inclined planes, making 100 Day of School crowns, and much more. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane for the majority of the students as Ms. Behrenfeld showed them the photo albums of their 100th day of school celebration sooooo many years ago.

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Congratulations MathCounts Team!!

Congratulations to Mo and Alex on their 3rd and 12th place rankings (respectively) in today’s Chapter Competition which included over 140 mathletes. Mo is now advancing to the MathCounts State Competition on March 15. Congratulations also go out to our team who ranked 6th out of the 16 teams represented.

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Today TBSS middle school finished its MathCounts competition with a head-t0-head competition during the “Count Down Round”. It was very exciting as we had a student climb his way from 10th place all the way to 2nd place, congratulations to Jack!!!! The top three finishers are Mo, Jack and Matthew. We will be determining our final competition teams next week . . . stay tuned.  Congratulations to everyone.


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Congratulations 2013 National Geography Bee Champions!


First Place: Matthew Strauss

Second Place: Drew Fenner

Third Place Tie: Jack Eller & Mackenzie Brown

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